Accumulated Fundraising Amount This Year (¥)
Total Fundraising Amount Last Month (¥)


United for Love, a donation platform, was formally introduced.
The No-Fear Platform was implemented, solving the social problem of saving and helping the common people with serious illness through the mechanism of “Internet + inter-aid.”
(Allied with multiple organizations,) established the Phoenix International Buddhistic Public Service Forum, driving the development of public welfare programs through Buddhism teaching.
Smiley Children Experimental Project was initiated at the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.
Combined force with non-governmental organizations in Mainland China, actively participating in post-earthquake rescue and reconstruction in Nepal.
Lingshan’s Public Welfare and Charity Promotion Convention was successfully held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.
Shanghai Lingshan Youth Public Welfare Development Center was registered.
“Walk For Love”, a large-scale public welfare project through hiking was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.
China’s Lingshan Public Welfare and Charity Promulgation Association was registered and established at the Ministry of Civil Affairs
Lingshan’s Taihu Lake Community’s Public Service station was registered as well.
combined force with the Jiangsu branch of CCB (China’s Construction Bank) and issued the “Lingshan Benignity & Blessing Card”, promulgating the belief of “Public Service By Everyone”
established the Forum for the Grace of Spring, which conveyed the most valuable voice to increase youth’s influence in public welfare service.
Lingshan’s rescue team lost no time in arriving in the front-line of the earthquake-stricken area of Wenchuan, participating in post-earthquake rescue.
Financially supported the new education experiment called “ The New Hope Project”, and participated in education reforms.
Launched the Plan of Ambassadors for the Grace of Spring, organized young volunteers to participate in first-hand social practices in rural area.
Lingshan Charity Foundation was registered at Department of Civil Affairs of Jiangsu Province