Address and zip code

Lingshan Charity Foundation——23rd floor, Huipu Finance Building, 251 Tongyang South Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City zip code:214023
Shanghai Lingqing PhilanthropyDevelopment Center——Room 402, 455 guoxia road, Yangpu district, shanghai, china zip code:200000
China Lingshan Council for the Promotion of Philanthropy——V20,Donghu Villa,Dongzhimenwai Street,Dongcheng District, Beijing zip code:100000

Telephone and fax

Lingshan Charity Foundation Tel. No. 0510-82206659 Fax:0510-82206659
Shanghai Lingqing PhilanthropyDevelopment Center Tel. No. 021-65672753
China Lingshan Council for the Promotion of Philanthropy Tel. No.15311540564

Network contact information
Sina Weibo:@lingshanfoundation
wechat Official Account:LSCSJJH