Lingshan Charity Foundation was established by Lingshan Cultural Tourism Group and Wuxi Xiangfu Temple in December, 2004. It was a public fundraising foundation, registered at the Department of Civil Affairs of Jiangsu Province. We maintain the idea of promoting the culture of charity and purifying the public as our mission, relying on five platforms including industry support, youth development, community management, social innovation, and international aids, to devise plans and launch projects. Currently, multiple welfare brands were formed, such as Walk for Love, United for Love, No Fear Project, Lingshan Youth Plan, Leyi Workshop, etc. Based on platforms like Tencent, Alibaba, and Ant Financial, etc., we constructed an interconnected and sharing group to serve non-governmental organizations, and united with and other Buddhistic charity organizations to promote the development of Buddhistic philanthropic undertaking. We attempted to provide non-governmental aids in Ethiopia, Nepal, and Northern Thailand, etc. Following a set of professional, standard, and transparent working guidelines, as well as the principle value of “On the road, meet yourself”, We devote ourselves to unite constructive forces from all fields, to promote the society to develop sustainably, and to reconstruct public trust. In 2010, Lingshan Charity Foundation was credited as “National Advanced Social Organization” by the Department of Civil Affairs.